NOBEL is a Norwegian TV-series directed by Per Olav Sørensen.
The series aired on Norwegian television, NRK in 2016. It was later sold to over 200 countries and can be seen on Netflix internationally.


My work

I was doing two jobs in this production. One as an actor and the other as a still photographer. I even got to shot parts of the Buzkashi scene (episode 3) together with DOP Ulf Brantås and cinematographer Pål Ulvik.

The cast and crew

During the production in Morocco I did a portrait series of the Norwegian cast and crew. The images were shot as a behind the scenes project, and had nothing to do with the storyline of the series. Check out the portraits here



Title Sequence

I was very happy that the talented people at Provinsen were creating the title sequence with my images,  bringing the stills to life with SFX and motion. Check out Provinsens SFX-breakdown to see how they did it! 

Credits title sequence:
Concept, storyboard, graphic design & illustration: Provinsen & Harald Fossen
Motion graphics & animation: Harald Fossen
Music: "The Sea", Ary



More photos from NOBEL here